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2017 · 01 · 03

Yang Yingji: Aspartame. Arnd Müller: Malleus

Although very different, the two exhibitions address the themes of alienation and migration in very personal approaches, one being the work of a German artist working in China, the other of a Chinese artist working in Germany. Together, they provide a very masculine and a very feminine take on life conditions for estranged people in contemporary society.



Yang Yingji works with both traditional black-and-white photographs as well as modern-looking transparent materials, which creates a strong contrast. In her hybrid works she uses elements such as black and white film, glass and sugar. Yingji draws inspiration from her own memories, which emanates strong, personally dyed emotions.



Arnd Müller’s hammers are one-of-a-kind, unique tools, created on the spot by Chinese workers, as need arose. In this exhibition, the crude tools are arranged in a delicate balance. The slightest touch will set them in motion. The hammers, initially used for destruction and rough work, have been transformed into seemingly weightless instruments.



Yang Yingji
Arnd Müller: Malleus
Arnd Müller's hammers