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2019 · 03 · 08

#METOO Film Mosaic Launched on WeChat in China

#MeToo film mosaic launched in China


Danish Cultural Center in Beijing (DCC) is on International Women’s Day launching a 100 days event on gender, power and violence.

The event takes place on the Chinese social network WeChat, that has around 1 billion active users, where DCC distribute a translated version of the 100 Danish #MeToo experiences produced by Meta Film.


100 days of gender, power and violence

The #MeToo films consist of 100 Danish actresses and actors passing on #MeToo experiences by 100 Danes. The individual stories are anonymized and interpreted in order to explain, that these stories are not simply personal stories, but part of a pattern – a culture of sexism.

The series is produced by Meta Film Dok and translated into Chinese in collaboration with Danish Cultural Institute.


Gender and equality

In 2019 Danish Cultural Center in China is having ‘Women Hold up Half the Sky‘ as a theme for all activities.

DCC launches the 100 day event on 8th of March 2019

From the film industry to the society as a whole

#MeToo film mosaic is created and produced by Meta Louise Foldager Sørensen and Mette Bjerregaard, at the production company Meta Film Dok.

The idea behind the #MeToo experiences started in the film industry cases, that were udfolded by Meta Film as they invited everybody to  give in their individual #MeToo experience. In this way the stories told illustrates the Danish society as a whole.

In 2019 the stories reach China, but Danish Cultural Institute are planning to distribute the film mosaic in India, Russia and Brazil as well.


TA说 (‘She/He says’)

In China the #MeToo title is changed into #性别暴力 (‘gender oriented violence’) in order to make it obvious that the films illustrates experiences at work, educations or in public space.

DCI expects, that the mosaic will contribute to the awareness on the issue already arising in China and the stories can contribute to support the Chinese women in taking position in the society debates.



Read an interview (in Danish) with Director Eric Messerschmidt and Producer Meta Louise Foldager on The Danish Film Institute website.